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Oil Boiler Servicing

Why is it Important to Have an Oil Boiler Serviced?

It is recommended practice to have an annual oil boiler service to ensure your boiler remains safe, efficient and well maintained.

Furthermore, failure to service your boiler regularly will invalidate your warranty. An annual service of your oil boiler will help keep it working as efficiently as possible, save you money on your winter heating bills and help prevent unexpected costly repairs.

The service will also check that the boiler is working properly, minimising the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. This is caused when the oil in your boiler isn't burnt properly. The signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are hard to spot and are easily confused with tiredness or a cold.

An oil boiler should produce very few emissions. Signs that it may need servicing include:

  • Black smoke or a build-up of soot – this prevents the boiler from burning oil efficiently
  • A yellow or brown staining around or on the boiler
  • A pilot light that frequently blows out
  • Increased condensation inside windows
  • A yellow rather than blue flame (apart from flueless fires)

All our oil boiler services include:

  • Clean the burner/injector(s)
  • Clean the pilot/injector
  • Clean the flue-ways, including the draught diverter and heat exchanger
  • Clean and adjust the ignition components
  • Clean flame supervision components
  • Clean, lubricate and adjust controls
  • Check all disturbed connections
  • Check all boiler seals and joints
  • Check there are no obvious signs of damage to the wiring
  • Re-set the burner operating pressure to that on the data label/plate
  • Test open-flued boilers for spillage
  • Re-check the flame supervision device operation