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Much of our electrical work involves electrical installation and repairs, which our qualified electricians take great pride in. We are extremely thorough when it comes to electrical installations, carrying out a full assessment prior to beginning any installation work. This allows us to prepare the area completely, ensuring that all installation work is carried out perfectly every time. Any electrical fault you are experiencing, by way of flickering lights or appliances which have stopped working are issues we can help with – as well as addressing the issue of broken electrical sockets, blown fuses and outdoor wiring. You might be left with exposed wires following a breakage. In this case, do not try to fix the exposed electrics, call us as soon as possible. Poorly maintained electrical equipment can lead to death by electrocution or fire. Attempting to repair electrical goods without an adequate electrical qualification is both dangerous and illegal in the UK. Done incorrectly, even the simplest wiring jobs can have dire consequences. Always call a professional electrician in these situations.