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Boiler Grants

Under the Governments ECO Scheme in 2019, qualifying home owners could have their old in-efficient boilers replaced either heavily subsidised, or in some instances completely FREE. If you qualify, we can arrange everything from survey to completing the installation of your new boiler. This service is free to use.

Do You Get Benefits? You Could Claim.

 Under the Governments ECO Scheme in 2019, qualifying home owners throughout the UK who claim the correct combination of means tested benefits could have their old in-efficient boilers replaced completely free of charge, or heavily subsidised.

The grants are funded by the 'Big Six' energy suppliers and are non-repayable which means you do not have to re-pay the money back at any time in the future. NCS have helped thousands of home owners throughout the UK via the free boiler scheme. You can see if you could qualify using our simple online application form.

Only those in receipt of certain benefits will fit the criteria to claim a free boiler grant. Also, the boiler to be replaced must be at least 14 years old (non condensing), or, be between 8-13 years old but have faults which effect its efficiency and operation - This must be deemed by one of our qualified engineers to be beyond 'economical' repair.

Get Free Heating Controls Too!

 If you can't control how and when your boiler heats your home you may not feel the full benefits of a new boiler. With all free boiler installations, you will also be provided with new heating controls (if not present before) which will allow you to control and utilise all your new boiler efficiently, so that it's only switched on when you actually need it, and ensures it works at its best.

How we intend to identify eligible households

The following two qualify without any additional qualifying component:

Automatically Qualify
Pension Credit
Child Tax Credits (Household income below £16,010 per year)

If you receive any of the below main benefits listed on the left, you will also need to receive at least ONE of the additional components from the list on the right in the same row:

Main BenefitComponent
Income Related Employment & Support AllowanceDisability Living Allowance (Higher Rate)
Income Based Job Seekers AllowancePension Premium
Income SupportEmployment Support
Child under 16
Child under 20 (not in higher education)
Working Tax Credits (Household income below £16,010 per year)Over 60 years old
Receive disabled worker element
Receive severe disability element
Child under 16
Child under 20 (not in higher education)
Universal Credit (Monthly take-home pay of £1250 or less within the last 12 months)Child under 16
Child under 20 (not in higher education)
Receive Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
Receive a Personal Independent Payment (PIP)
Limited capability for work, or limited capability for work and work-related activity

Important: If you don't qualify for a grant, we would recommend you see what pay monthly finance schemes are available to you.